Parachutist Cover

Support Skydivers is featured in this month’s Parachutist!

This month in Parachutist magazine, a skydiving magazine published by the US Parachute Association, was mentioned in the Five-Minute Call section (pg. 23). Support Skydivers is networking website I have been working on with developers Eric Lubow and Peter Dierx. We are all really excited that it is getting some more press.

The idea behind the site is to generate support for jumper’s businesses and to build a community. User may register, add businesses and post open jobs. It also features a search by location feature, so you can find your local skydiver owned businesses and then view it on a Google Map. Supporting your fellow jumper will keep money in the sport and keep the jump planes flying.

As more people sign up, the site will only get stronger and more useful. Special thanks to Jenn Bocker for doing a great job promoting the site and getting us in to the magazine.