New and improved site for Heinen Creative.

This past year in Boston has been so productive, I haven’t had time to share the exciting work I have been involved with. It was about time for Heinen Creative to get a much needed facelift. I am excited to announce the launch of my new site and portfolio.

For the new site, I decided to simplify the design and use an adaptive layout. The adaptive design will ensure my site scales whether you are viewing it on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Try it out for yourself, simply resize your browser window and watch the layout adjust. The site also features an improved portfolio that can filter my work by category, contact forms and more options for social sharing.

If you had visited my portfolio in the old site, you may be wondering where my branding and graphic work disappeared to. I have decided to focus my efforts at Heinen Creative towards web development, teaching and consulting. While the focus has changed, my connections with design agencies and service providers has not. As always, I can coordinate design efforts with my trusted associates along with my web development.

Thanks to all the designers, developers and clients that made these projects happen. I look forward to sharing some exciting new work in the near future!