Heinen Creative has been a little busy lately…

You may have noticed, things have been a little quiet here at Heinen Creative. Between moving up to Boston, working full time, teaching and developing a new WordPress class, I have had my hands full. Somehow, amidst that madness, I also managed to land an amazing job.

Designer Gone Developer

Starting this month, I begin working full time as a front-end developer at Tank Design. This means less time pushing pixels and more time writing code… and the left side of my brain can’t wait! Tank is a versatile design firm in Cambridge with an impressive portfolio. They work with clients such as FedEx, Puma and Sony.  I am really looking forward to working with such talented designers and converting their work into functional sites. Check out some of their work below.


Whats Next?

Going forward, my focus is going to be on Tank Design. Don’t worry, I still plan on maintaining my blog and publishing tutorials. In fact, you can probably expect to see more front-end and WordPress posts in the near future. Or, anything else that gets me excited and I feel like rambling about!